"Contribute with our services to the achievement of the Millennium Goals, guaranteeing the population access to credit"


'AZADER MICRO CRÉDITO's mission is to serve the economic community of the districts covered by the project in an inclusive manner, boosting the growth and development of its economic activities based on the use of credit'



Zambezian Association for Rural Development or simply, AZADER, is a collective person, under private law, which has among its various objectives the promotion of economic development in Zambezia in central Mozambique.


The institution mobilizes and finances the members of agricultural associations and communities with low income and without conditions to access financial services through commercial banking.


AZADER started its activities in 2006 as a company and in November 2008 it was licensed and authorized as a microfinance operator by the Bank of Mozambique.


Currently with a portfolio of about 1012 members which corresponds to MZN15,372,630.00. The project pays an average of MZN15,000.00 per client, which is approximately MZN200,000.00 per agricultural association.

Project Plantar


PLANTAR (plantation) is an AZADER project, with the objective of sustainably supporting the agriculture sector and small projects in less privileged communities and in accordance with rural development and the promotion of environmental protection and financial inclusion for less developed areas. 


In the project, we support communities with low interest rate loans disbursed and repaid in instalments; the project also supports these communities with technological systems that allow them to help them with weather forecasting, soil tests and advice on the best crops to be planted in specific areas and in a suitable season.


The project started in July 2013, with an auto investment of US $ 110,000.00 (One Hundred and Ten Thousand American Dollars) by AZADER. With the need to grow, AZADER approached some institutions in January 2014; the main objective was to obtain more knowledge about the activities to be carried out, technological and financial support.


Currently the main partner is MICROMZ, where through the 1Grito project we benefit from a micro finance management software that includes accounting and human resources tools, a mobile solution for farmers to be able to control their plantations, manage their finances and manage their sales . From the same partner we also benefit from training in loans and guarantee management, customer services, human resources management and internal procedures. From this training we were able to have our procedures manual (financial and operational), to date, we have benefited. technical support of the systems in use. All MICROMZ support has been free of charge for AZADER or PLANTAR

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