The main objective of FDM is the empowerment of rural communities, this can only become a reality if we manage to change the current behaviour of the population, equip the communities with knowledge and create a society in which human rights are valued.


We can provide financial support to thousands of families, but if they do not have clear awareness of the values ​​of humanity, do not master the methods of protecting and preventing diseases, managing their habitat and respecting human rights, this effort may be in vain.


The results of research carried out by the institution in recent years are alarming, the reality is worrying, it is a barrier to the development and inclusion of women in decision-making, in their empowerment and sustainability; facts such as levels of discrimination, cases of HIV and AIDS that could have been prevented, the right to education that was taken away by premature marriages and other aspects that have prevented the success of this layer.


On the other hand, the lack of conservation of the environment is also a concern for the institution, we work in the field and we can notice the rapid decline in air quality, deforestation, levels of soil erosion and the weak capacity of the ecosystem to maintain the environment cycle.



The Women's Development Fund has been developing various packages, programs and projects in order to change the scenario in the communities, until 2013 civic education activities were in agreement and in the process of disbursement of credits and in the formations or lectures elaborated, in the this plan, FDM brings a new approach; we allocate specific teams to deal with the main issues of the society in which we operate, in a very comprehensive and inclusive way;

 Food security

 Human rights

 Education

 Health

 Women Empowerment

 Youth Empowerment


The implementation of these products, services and projects did not deviate the FDM from its current activities, quite the contrary it is with support for current projects that we hope to obtain greater and better results.


We feel that we are increasingly present and directly linked to the community, with the MBEU project, the FDM believes it has created greater possibilities for solving the most critical issues facing women.

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