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Today, the tilapia breeding project concluded the feasibility study and the financial plan for its implementation, Da Silva Soluções, the Modular Structure, MICROMZ and CPL, intend to develop the activity in order to ensure greater sustainability of the population living in the rural areas of Maputo, Gaza and Tete.


MICRO CRIAR is a project by Danilo Da Silva in partnership with the Limpopo Producers Cooperative.


MICROMZ in this project spares no efforts to carry out an innovation of the future in the present, in the proposed project it foresees the production of fish in an intensive system with densities of alvinos stocking of about 42 fish per cubic meter, this Tilapia production process will have a six-month cycle, the main phases of which will consist of reproduction, growth and development.

In an integrated manner, all operational phases are elaborated in the same

area to ensure greater productivity and monitoring. In the process of filleting action all resources are used, the skin for the production of wallets, shoes, hats and others.

The bones and viscera will be used in the production of bone meal, and exported for the preparation of medicines such as Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, amino acids, collagen.


The project is valued at two million dollars and is looking for investment partners.

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