MICROMZ and Partners participate in the innovative competition promoted by the Master Card Foundation and KPMG, in the process we share five projects with five different partners, the aim is to create a financial inclusion that is comprehensive and sustainable.

A challenge that we believe is capable of making the greatest contribution, outside the impact that we hope to contribute to rural development, we hope to boost each project and institution that we support and that has supported us.

Plantar Project - Zambezian Association for Rural Development

The project is a partnership between MICROMZ and the Zambezi Association for Rural Development.

It currently has more than five million meticais invested in the initiative and expects to be fully funded by the middle of 2016.

The idea is to support farmers so that they can have access to financial means and be accessed by technological means during the production and marketing process.

Mbeu Project Women's Development Fund

The project is an initiative of the Women's Development Fund, and aims to support reparations and women vulnerable to domestic violence, traditional problems, diseases and lack of financial opportunities.

In this project, the FDM has been developing projects to empower women in rural areas, with a special focus on southern Mozambique.

The project aims to reach more than ten thousand girls by the end of 2016, for this purpose the use of management systems with technology, biometric identification systems and information services via SMS, are the biggest challenges that the project faces, in this partnership with MICROMZ and FRP, FDM expects to have support of around 650,000.00U $ D.

Project 1Grito - Micro Credit Success

1Grito is one of the projects with the greatest impact on financial inclusion not

only for Mozambique more for Africa in general. Designed by Danilo Da Silva, the project aims to digitize and centralize management data for the microfinance sector.

Sucesso Micro Crédito is a partner of MICROMZ in the project and has been contributing to make each process and procedure a reality, creating manuals and strategic plans that benefit the sector without getting into conflicts with its interests.

Project aimed at supporting the microfinance sector in Mozambique and Africa, providing the supply of products and services in a single stop, in the same way a technical assistance, consultancy and decision-making support center is made available to the sector products and services, as well as the choice of suppliers.

MICROMZ, through the 1Grito project, created a group of 12 professionals, divided into 4 teams that will travel through Mozambique for 12 months and visit a total of 60 microfinance institutions, in this process the installation of portfolio management, accounting and digitized human resources, the installation of low-cost media, consultancy and training of human resources, seminars, lectures and other tools to benefit this sector, which have more than 40% in the impact of rural and female development in Mozambique.

With the technical assistance centre, the project will be available 24 out of 24, in order to guarantee the full functioning of the installed systems. We are a family owned and operated business.

Project Trilho - PSWEMU and BESET

Project aimed at supporting communities through access to financial services, supported by large, medium and small companies through the fulfilment of social responsibilities.

MICROMZ, through the 1Grito project, created the Trilho component which, through its team spread throughout the country, encourages companies to participate more and fulfil their social responsibilities.

One of the main strategic plans of this project is to identify microfinance institutions that operate in the country in order to have a greater impact on the fulfilment of this responsibility.

The concept is quite simple, the microfinance sector on average manages a

net annual revenue of 30% on capital, thus fulfilling social responsibility through financing will have an annual growth of at least 30%.

The biggest benefit of this practice is the creation of a self-sustainable and economically active community, different from offering consumables that after their use perish or become damaged. Empowering communities, these in themselves will generate opportunities among themselves and bring greater impact on rural development.

The TRILHO project will manage the participation of these institutions and make the participation of companies and their commitment to fulfil social responsibilities visible and remarkable.

By dealing with the people on a daily basis, these microfinance institutions will have the responsibility to support the education of the population and the preservation of cultures, as well as the environment.

In Mozambique the project will be managed by Pswemu Micro Crédito and in Kenya by BESET.

MICRO CRIAR Project - Limpopo Producers Cooperative

With an initial investment of US $ 2,000,000.00 (two million American Dollars), for the implementation of the project, it provides for the development of infrastructures to support the project (housing, processing room, refrigeration, access improvement, system implantation) water and electricity supply and multiple use workshop), production infrastructures (tanks on land and floating cages), purchase of feed and other useful components for fish farming.

After 18 months of implementation, the project will start effective production, the first harvest of which is estimated to take place after six months, when each fish will have reached between 500 to 600 grams, with the sex reversal method the project intends to stimulate the rapid growth of alvinos.

The implantation in the proposed area will bring multiple social benefits to the local communities, creating sources of income through employment, consequently, for some families within the community of Massingir (the project foresees to employ about twenty people of which about fifteen will be local who will receive training in tank maintenance and handling and fish processing), will ensure a market for the fish caught by local fishermen who will be able to sell their fish to the project, thus contributing to efforts to boost food security in local communities, the project could facilitate access to electricity to the planned deployment of the electric power system at the project site, with derivation of energy transport from the road that leads to the dam, improving access road would facilitate the movement of residents over of the road section.

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