PSWENU CRÉDITO is a Financial Institution (Microcredit Operator), licensed by the Bank of Mozambique on 30 June 2011, providing financial services in the suburban areas of the province and city of Maputo, with projects to expand its activities to the province of Cabo Delgado , Balama district and Tete province, Chiúta districts and surrounding areas.

Currently, PSWEMU offers its services to employees and small market vendors, but we understand the need to support producers (farmers, fishermen and professionals) who are mostly in rural areas, hence our interest in expanding to the provinces with development potential and have little support from financial services.

With a team of 5 (five) workers, we support 109 families (clients) with our services, of which 63% (69 clients) are women and 37% (40 clients) are men.

Today (December 2014) PSWEMU has a portfolio of MZN 1,628,560, with a portfolio at risk below 5% and annual growth of around 107%. These results are possible thanks to the professionalism and performance of the team made up of the director, three workers who accumulate the portfolio of officers and credit managers, as well as users of the management systems (GIS) and the manager who also accumulates the task of supervisor.



Our mission is to improve the living conditions of the vulnerable population, providing financial services, to the economic sectors: agriculture, agricultural marketing, general trade, small industry, poultry, consumption and other sectors, particularly in rural areas such as the districts of Balama and Chiúta .



PSWEMU, in its global objective of contributing to the development of, by increasing the productive capacity of small farmers and improving the living conditions of people and micro-entrepreneurs in the country, intends to support the actions of the government and other institutions already in this struggle for development improving basic and social conditions for the population.



  • Develop microfinance programs in rural areas

  • Promote the development of communities

  • Establish a favourable business environment in communities

  • Contribute to improving agricultural production and marketing capacity

  • Contribute to differentiation and improve the level of access to financial services

  • Offer credit products that allow and increase access to means of production

  • Train potential customers in the areas of business management

  • Offer credits to micro entrepreneurs

To achieve these goals, we are aware of the difficulties and challenges we face, however, we are very encouraged by the fact that we wish the best for communities with development potential but lacking financial resources and means.


The impact we expect for the rural areas, the districts and the provinces covered in our plan, is to promote sustainable and accelerated growth of the residents, especially for the agricultural sector.

In the past two years we have shown our ability to support the sustainable development of our customers through our services, our reduced risk has provided our self-sustainability and the visible growth of our activities.



It was decided in late 2012 by PSWEMU that no customer should be discriminated against for having HIV / AIDS or a physical disability, but in June 2013 we decided to take a bigger step to encourage people with the disease to become part of the society, to develop and if they integrate into society with the same opportunities, this way we create a package with reduced interest rates and with partnership plans with the Government and NGOs in order to identify and support this layer.         


Welcome to our world!

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