Our mission is to ensure inclusive, accelerated and sustainable development for young people and business people in the suburban and rural areas of the region without discriminating against the informal formal sector.


Sucesso Micro Crédito, a microfinance institution registered in Mozambique and authorized by the Bank of Mozambique to exercise activities and promote financial and non-financial products and services.


Operating in the financial market since 2012, the institution currently has (February 2014) a portfolio with more than 200 registered customers, of which more than 100 with active loans, which corresponds to a portfolio of 2,300,000.00 MZN (two million and three hundred thousand Meticais).


SMC is one of the few institutions in Mozambique that started and continues to operate with its own funds. The institution has assets in excess of the value of the portfolio and a monthly income of 223,000.00 MZN from non-financial services and 263,000.00 MZN from financial services.

The Project

With its own funds, SMC has been developing packages and solutions in order to accelerate the development of suburban areas and increase the level of socioeconomic growth in areas with less access to financial services.


The project is now self-sustainable in the order of 147.2% and mostly supports the informal market, young entrepreneurs and employees who seek to improve their conditions through financial services.


The project is the product of own investments by the director and through the recapitalization of results. Until June 2014, SMC did not have any financial support or any partnership that is based on the growth of the current portfolio.


SMC feels the need to boost its impact on the development of the youth group, which is why it intends for the second half of 2014 until the end of 2015 to seek partnerships that can bring benefits to the institution's objectives.


Currently the main partner is MICROMZ, where through the 1Grito project we benefit from a micro finance management software that includes accounting tools and human resources.


From the same partner we also benefit from training in loans and guarantee management, customer services, human resources management and internal procedures, from this training we were able to have our procedures manual (financial and operational), until now we have benefited from support of the systems in use.


One of SMC's major goals is to be present in all municipal markets in the southern region of Mozambique and for 2015 we intend to intensify our expansion activities and enter at least 3 (three) rural districts in the north and centre of the country , for this purpose research is ongoing and partnerships are already identified in order to gain more knowledge of the local reality of these districts.

The ASCAS model (ROSCA) is also a great possibility studied by SMC and that will boost and improve the implementation processes of the objectives and goals. With the ASCAS model we intend to work with other institutions in the sector in order to accelerate rural and suburban development throughout the national territory.


Adherence to the franchise model and connectivity to communication and technology systems are also fundamental aspects to ensure greater sustainability for SMC and partners.

SMC sees and knows the importance of working with the community not only through financial services but also in disease prevention programs, the promotion of human rights and food security.



To be a macro for youth and micro business development in suburban and rural areas "

Project 1Grito

SMC was one of the first institutions to benefit from the 1Grito project, after realizing its impact, SMC approached MICROMZ and asked for a mutual support partnership to be formed.


The impact of this project is clear, with digitized systems in the micro finance sector it is expected to increase the level of access to financial services in rural areas, in the same way revenues will be increased which will culminate in the expansion of services, thus requiring more human resources. and more circulating means, thus benefiting all those involved in this process.


The most non-profit project with very high levels of sustainability.


We invite other institutions to be part of the project, as beneficiaries, or even with technical or financial support

Ready to serve you

Serving and pleasing the various groups in society is an enormous challenge, which is why SMC chooses to create different products that can go according to the reality of each zone, favouring communities without harming our internal policies or even the strategic plans of institution.


It is important to note that in addition to credits, SMC has a constant struggle to educate communities on matters related to financial services, encourage a savings culture and ensure that its customers have the capacity to manage their activities productively and progressively.


Interest rates of 7% are applied to all SMC credit products in urbanized areas, 6% in suburban areas and 5% in rural areas, loans vary from MZN2,000 to MZN100,000 and with repayment terms of 2 to 12 months.



-General trade

-Consumer credit

-Young credit

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