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MICROMZ, in partnership with C&N in South Africa, PSWEMU in Mozambique and BASET in Kenya, has developed a program aimed at increasing the impact on rural development through mega projects in the region.

The TRILHO project encourages large projects to participate in rural development through programs of financial inclusion, education and ease of access to basic services (health, water and energy).




Project aimed at supporting communities through access to financial services, supported by large, medium and small companies through the fulfilment of their social responsibilities.


Through the 1Grito project, MICROMZ created the TRILHO component, were its team across the Southern African Region, encouraging companies to participate more in rural development and fulfil their social responsibilities.

One of the main strategic plans of this project is to identify micro-finance institutions that operate in the region in order to bring greater impact in fulfilling this responsibility.

The concept is quite simple, the micro-finance sector on average generates a 30% annual net income on capital, so the fulfilment of social responsibility through financing will have a minimum annual growth of 30%.

The greatest benefit of this practice is the creation of a self-sustaining and economically active community, unlike offering consumables that after their use perish or become damaged. Empowering communities themselves will create opportunities for each other and have a greater impact on rural development.

The TRILHO project will manage the participation of these institutions and make a visible and remarkable  participation of companies and their commitment to fulfil social responsibilities.

By dealing with the people on a daily basis, these micro-finance institutions will have a responsibility to support the education of the population and the preservation of cultures as well as the environment.



A loan on average is $200 at a monthly rate of 5%, in rural areas this has a significant impact, created one to three jobs, providing better conditions and above all bringing self employment and sustainability in communities.

In fulfilling this project, the group will be raising the economy of the country and bringing a superior impact on the lives of communities.

With institutions like WDF (Women's Development Fund), CPCPL (Limpopo Producers Credit and Savings Cooperative), SMC (Micro Credit Success) and other credible and pro-rural and suburban development institutions, we see no obstacles to the substantial success of the TRILHO project.



The primary objective of this project is to give significant support to the micro-finance sector in Africa, this sector has the greatest potential to help rural and suburban areas, so it is in our interest to support it in order to achieve rapid and rapid development. same.

For this we count on the participation of major projects and large companies operating in the region.

The TRILHO project has three partners, C&N in South Africa, PSWEMU in Mozambique and BASET in Kenya.

Don Danilo Da Silva
Don Danilo Da Silva

A new kind of business is taking shape in Kenya's emerging market: one aimed at improving the quality of life of the low-income populations. Such a business is conducted by a strong team that is prepared for the demands of both the business and non-business field; the demands of life in general.


Whether you are a corporate company, an ambitious leader, a girl in need of a voice, or a budding youngster traversing the harsh realities of the world, BASET can help you be established and grow.


BASET enables high impact growth individuals, companies and intermediaries to invest and develop Kenya.

PSWENU CREDIT is a Financial Institution (Micro Credit Operator), licensed by the Bank of Mozambique on 30 June 2011, provides financial services in the suburban areas of Maputo province and Maputo, with projects to expand its activities to Cape Provinces. Delgado, Balama district and Tete province, Chiuta districts and surrounding areas.

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